Yes, you read that right!

We’re not just stirring the pot – we’re cooking up a storm! We’re rolling out a sizzling-hot offer that will leave your taste buds tingling and your business booming.

Did we say free online ordering? Yes – we’re ditching those pesky online ordering fees! Say goodbye to the nickel-and-dime routine and hello to pure savings. Your wallet will thank us!


Speak to someone from our team now about what MENUU can do for you.


Skip all the talking and head straight for the onboarding.


Our pricing model is all about cost savings for restaurants! Online ordering from MENUU is FREE for restaurants, there are no service charges. Instead of charging restaurants, we’ll be implementing a modest service fee directly to end users. By eliminating restaurant fees, you’ll keep more of your hard-earned revenue.

We’re flipping the script, there is no service fee for restaurants. The global service fee to the end user will be a % of the order total, with a minimum and maximum per order, depending on order value prior to any discounts or promotions.

This fee allows us to power the MENUU experience for both restaurants and end users, including adding new exciting features, continuously making improvements to our offerings and providing great customer service.

Transaction rates will vary from country to country. Contact Sales to discuss payment processing in your country.

Absolutely! All restaurants will have full access to our platform, including 24/7 Support and advanced features - Loyalty, Consumer Insights and Marketing Automation*.

*While there is no charge to use the automated marketing services and features, there is a basic SMS charge for sending marketing messages to your customers.

Additional services will be charged as usual, for example, Website Hosting, Marketing Automation SMS, Card Transaction Rates.